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On this page you will find links to various projects I've worked on, with newer stuff toward the top. Most of the software is provided free of charge, and without any warranty whatsoever. You may not redistribute this software in any form without permission (unless otherwise specified). You may include a link on your site to http://pjhayward.net/, but please do not link directly to the downloadable files.

I can be reached at phil (at) pjhayward dot net.

Alpine Adventure
Still very much a work in progress - Alpine adventure is a game where you try to climb the mountain. There are trees in your way, and rocks fall from above to knock you down. Eventually I'm planning on adding more hazards, like wild animals and such.
It should be possible to play this on relatively small factor mobile devices, as long as they support HTML 5.
Win32 X Server
Okay, so I didn't write this one, but I've been looking for an easy to use X Server for quite a while. This thing is GREAT! Check it out.
QuickEncrypt Encryption Tool
QuickEncrypt lets you quickly encrypt your files with encryption keys built from a passphrase you select. Supports batch operations using command-line options.
Virtual Drive Manager
Virtual Drive Manager allows you to attach file-based virtual drives to your computer. It supports raw disk images and ISO images. It is distributed under the GPL, and includes the FileDisk reference driver by Bo Brantén.

Updated: Version 1.1 properly supports disk images with spaces in the file name or folder path.
32 bpp Delphi Icon Unit
This is a Delphi/Pascal unit for creating icons with 24 bit color and 8 bit transparency channel. It is possible to create icons of any size and aspect ratio, but Windows will only recognize icons up to 72x72.
BMP2ICO icon builder
A simple utility to combine bitmaps into icon files. It also allows some basic editing of the transparency layer. Uses the 32bpp icon unit above.
Desktop Calendar
Desktop Calendar is a trimmed-down version of Desktop Planner. It still lets you set appointments and tasks, but doesn't have the large calendar, full task list, synchronization, automatic update or individual settings.
Desktop Planner
Desktop Planner is a handy desktop calendar and planning application. It keeps upcoming events displayed directly on your desktop, so you don't have to open yet another program just to see them. It has a wide range of options, and some additional features such as live weather (United States only, sorry) and data synchronization.

30 day free trial, US $20
Netsnipes is a Win32 clone of the DOS game nlsnipes by Novell. It includes IP networking support, making it possible to play games across the internet as well as on your LAN.
Pascal Tutorial
Very much a work in progress. I'm attempting to create an easy to follow tutorial that will help newcomers to programming. I think the first couple of lessons are okay, but I know my lesson on data types needs work. Anyway, feel free to take a look, and if you have any comments, please let me know.
Update! - I have fixed the known bugs in Photosheet, so it will no longer crash when trying to load a damaged file, and it now properly rolls images to the next page when the current page is full. It also now loads Photoshop, TIFF, and PNG images, as well as JPG and BMP.

Photosheet lets you specify a folder containing your photos, and it will create contact sheets for all the pictures in that folder. It's main benefit is that it will also scan subfolders, and presents the contact sheet in the same organization as your folders.
Other Software

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