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AutoProxy Proxy Manager 0.6

Now works with Firefox 3.5!

This extension is only useful for systems that connect using multiple networks. It compares the system IP address with a user-defined list of profiles, then uses that to select the proxy settings.


  • 0.6: Improved multiple IP address functionality
  • 0.5: Added experimental functionality to work with systems having multiple IP addresses at once. Recieved Softpedia's 100% Clean award.
  • 0.4: Added error console logging
  • 0.4: Fixed Icon URL in install.rdf
  • 0.3: Updated to work with Firefox 3

If you find that your home page does not load when you first start Firefox, try reloading the page. The first page load uses the proxy settings from the previous session of Firefox, but a reload will use the new settings.

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