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Virtual Disk Manager (VDM)
Download standard (32 bit) version ~530 KiB
Download x64-64 (AMD64) version ~530 KiB
Download Itanium (IA64) version ~530 KiB

Virtual Disk Manager uses the FileDisk reference driver by Bo Brantén (found here, also included with the VDM package) to connect disk images to your computer as if they were an actual physical device. Virtual Drive Manager supports:

  • ISO images (CD and DVD) (.iso)
  • Raw floppy and hard drive images (.img)
  • Virtual Floppy images (from Microsoft Virtual PC) (.vfd)

Update: VDM version 1.1 has been fixed to properly pass disk image paths to the FileDisk driver. Paths with spaces in them were not being passed properly, causing VDM to say a disk had been attached when it had not.

When VDM first starts, it goes straight to the system tray. You can double click on the icon to bring up the main window, or right click for the shortcut menu. The icon looks like this:

VDM can also create new disk images. The images will need to be formatted (using Windows Explorer or the command line) after you attach them.

Because I am providing this free of charge, I cannot provide any support if you encounter problems. Sorry.

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