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Lesson One - Sample Program
Lesson Two - Program Structure
Lesson Three - Data Types
and Constants
Lesson Four - Variables
Lesson Five - Text I/O
Lesson Six - Subroutines
Lesson Seven - Conditional
Lesson Eight - Arrays
Lesson Nine - Loops
Lesson Ten - Units
Ask your Pascal Questions
If you have a question about how to do something in Pascal, you've come to the right place. This is where you can find questions that have been asked before, along with the answer, or ask a new question, and I'll answer it for you. I'll start out with a list of the questions that have been asked already, and follow up with a form you can use to send me your questions. If you want a direct reply, please be sure to enter a valid email address. In any case, the question and answer will be posted to this page. I'll try to get to your question quickly - the same day, if possible. However, there are days when I'm not online, so it may take a day or two.


The Questions
How do I get a newline in Pascal?
How do you put a tab into a string?
How do you open a program from Pascal?
How do I use the arrow keys in pascal?
Can I get a list of the Windows virtual key codes?
How can I make my program wait?
How do I use pointers in Pascal?
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