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Photosheet 1.0.2
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Photosheet was created to help my wife with a project. She wanted to back up all of our digital photos onto DVD, but wanted a way to figure out where a given picture was. We looked around for other programs to do what Photosheet does, but didn't find anything that fit. There are plenty of programs that will generate contact sheets from a directory of pictures, or even from subdirectories. But none of them kept the layout of the folder structure. Either it would only do one folder, or it threw everything in together, regardless of where it was.

I wrote Photosheet with two things in mind: It had to have the file name and the folder where it was stored, and it had to have decent thumbnails of the pictures, so we could tell what it looked like. It also had to be fairly simple to use. The font sizes are all programmatically set - if you don't like them, sorry. My wife does, and it was easier this way.

Photosheet is completely and totally free of cost and obligation. If you like it, use it. If you don't, don't. I am providing it as-is, meaning you accept all liability from its use. I can't guarantee it won't munge your photos up (although I'm very sure it won't - it opens them read-only), and I can't promise it will work with your specific brand of printer or whatever.

Photosheet now reads the following image formats: Windows Bitmap (.bmp, .rle, .dib), Tagged Image File Format (.tif, .tiff), Photoshop (.psd, .pdd), Portable Network Graphic (.png), Graphics Image Format (.gif) and JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
This is thanks to the GraphicEx library by Mike Lischke. If you want more information on GraphicEx, you can find it here.

2 August 2008 - I have just updated Photoshop to support GIF images as well. I have also fixed some problems with the preview display.

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