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On this page you will find links to various bits of software I have written. Most are provided free of charge, and without any warranty whatsoever. You may not redistribute this software in any form without permission. You may include a link on your site to http://pjhayward.net/, but you may not link directly to the downloadable files.

Amortization Calculator
Useful for getting an idea of what your monthly payments will be. You can also plug in your APR, number of payments, and the amount of the payment, and it will calculate the maximum loan value you can get. This uses the same formula as the amortization schedules most banks use.
Directory Size
This breaks down the amount of space taken by each subfolder in a given folder. If you use it on a drive, it gives the same info, for each folder on the drive. It displays the results as a pie chart, which you can right click to get the space taken by the folder contents.
* Legalities and Stuff
If you use software that you have obtained from this site, you are agreeing that you will hold the author and any affiliated parties blameless in the event of any problem whatsoever relating to your use of the software. Regarding specific software programs:

Amortization Calculator:
I use the standard amortization formula, but your financial institution may have additional criteria or regulations that I cannot account for. This software is not a replacement for the advice of a financial advisor.

Disk Size:
Just as an FYI, if you have files over 2 GB in size, DiskSize will not display your folder sizes properly.

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